About Us

Kendall and Neff, Namesakes of Kendall Neff Publishing.Kendall Neff Publishing (KNP) is a new publishing house operating on the principals of our mission statement. Its name comes from the combination of our owner’s two grandfathers: Elmer L. Kendall and Elmer R. Neff. Elmer and Elmer each had fine children. One Elmer had sons who didn’t have sons, and the other Elmer had a son who only had a daughter. Both branch names of our owner’s family tree were chopped off. This is the owner’s way of honoring that family tree.

Author Tana ThompsonOur owner, Tana N. Thompson, Ph.D., was a faculty member in several universities over a career in higher education for some 30 years, teaching management and computer information systems.

Once retired, she wanted to try out her “creative” rather than her “logical” brain for a change, to develop and enjoy the world without computer precision. Her version 2.0 life includes photography, travel, reading, stained and fused glass, jewelry making, and being “mom” to 4 fantastic 4-footed dog children (2 snobby registered breeds and 2 rescues who haven’t a clue what they are).

Tana’s husband Ken (the love and joy of her life) was involved in the planning of the first project Why Dogs Are. He drew the “rainbow” on a paper towel to visualize how dogs ended up in our lives! Sadly, he passed away suddenly and didn’t get to see the finished product. Tana continues in a different chapter in her life through KNP’s projects. She is always finding new projects to “keep busy” until that day of reunion.

Want to know how the seed was planted for Tana to write her first book? Read Tana’s story…