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Children’s Picture Book: WHY CATS ARE

childrens picture book Why Cats Are book cover

Why Cats Are is the third book in the illustrated children’s picture book series Love Unleashed. It teaches children that “God doesn’t make junk”, and it gives a nod to responsible animal control. Non-human animals also are God’s creation, and they deserve love and respect.

About the Children’s Story

When mother and son go to a homeless animal shelter to adopt a pet, they surely never dreamed how much this tiny furball would influence the young boy’s life. Mike the Cat, born deaf, has an intense way of gazing at the world that reveals something special — how marvelous is God’s creation and how creation speaks to self-worth.

When schoolmates socially and emotionally bully Mike’s caretaker Myron, Myron seeks refuge in what the cat does ―- marveling at the handiwork of God. This perspective, in turn, helps the boy to see his own worth. And, the child comes to the understanding that his Creator has a plan for his life.

Story Behind The Story

Read about the inspiration behind the story of Why Cats Are.

Childrens book WHY CAT ARE, inside page

100% of net profit from book sales of Why Cats Are children’s picture book benefit charities that support cat rescue, spay-neuter programs, and cat-therapy programs. 

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