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Children’s Picture Book: WHY DOGS ARE

childrens picture book Why Dogs Are book cover

Why Dogs Are is the first in the Love Unleashed illustrated children’s picture book series by author Tana Thompson. The book won the 2014 Silver Medal from Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards (Category: Spirituality), as well as being designated a Finalist in Spirituality for the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.


About the Children’s Story

“Brian” is a composite of the many children who attended the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind (AIDB) in the author’s hometown of Talladega, Alabama. She had the privilege to know and work with children who learned to live life with one or more disabilities. The experience made the Thompsons intensely aware of some of the difficulties that accompanied eyes that did not see (blindness) or ears that did not hear (deafness). Tana wondered how parents of these children dealt with the challenges that the entire family faced while accommodating necessary differences in daily life for their child with disabilities.

For example, how does a parent teach a child about concepts that are difficult to grasp even without disabilities? How can parents share emotions, morals, beliefs and concepts such as patriotism, charity and forgiveness to a child who cannot hear their explanations? As Helen Keller had to learn, once she made the “connection” between flowing, wet water and the sign for water, her learning increased dramatically. But how do you make a “connection” when the topics are intangible or emotional?

The concept of a loving God is one of those “connections” that must be made for an individual to have a fulfilled soul, regardless of their physical abilities. God uses many means to help people to understand His goodness, creation and grace. Why not a dog? Don’t we all deserve to see, hear, feel and experience God in everything around us?

Through the Love Unleashed illustrated children’s picture book series, we hope to use our words to help you connect with His words.

Childrens picture book Why Dogs Are, inside page

100% of net profit from sales of Why Dogs Are benefit charities that support dog rescue, spay-neuter programs, and dog-therapy programs.  Learn more about charities your book purchases help.