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Children’s Picture Book: WHY HORSES ARE

childrens picture book Why Horses Are book cover

Why Horses Are is the second children’s book in the award-winning Love Unleashed illustrated children’s picture book series. The inspirational story speaks to horse lovers of all ages. The story teaches lessons about being selfless and receiving the gift of giving.

About the Children’s Story

It’s not easy to give up something you love. But if you do for the benefit of a complete stranger, it just might change your life as well.

The child in this story has a painful choice to make. And, in the process, she learns how helping someone else can be more important than keeping the thing you love. In sharing, she receives the gift of giving, and witnesses miracles and magic in others.

The children’s picture book series aims to raise awareness of the roles animals play in our lives that enhance and improve our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

Inside page from illustrated childrens picture book Why Horses Are

From book sales of the Love Unleashed illustrated children’s picture book series, Kendall Neff Publishing donates 100% of net profit from book sales to charities that reflect the focus of each book.

Your purchases of the book Why Horses Are benefit charities that support rescue horses and horse-therapy programs. Learn more about charities your book purchases help.