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Meet Kelli…LOVE UNLEASHED #1 Fan

Kelli, Love Unleashed's biggest fan.

Kelli, Love Unleashed #1 fan!

Meet Kelli…Love Unleashed #1 fan!!

Kelli doesn’t let her disabilities stand in the way of her joy of reading. She loves her books to pieces, literally. That is, when she’s not giving them away to others. That’s okay, we’ll keep ’em coming!

You are an inspiration to us all, Kelli, and show us how literature can have a profound impact in our lives.  Thank you for sharing…and for being You.

Kelli’s mom writes:

Thank u Tana Thompson 4 opening up a beautiful world 4 Kelli that we never knew existed! Why Dogs Are, Why Cats Are & Why Horses Are have become her 3 BEST FRIENDS!

Kell’s companion Dog, Honey, is exact 2 the dog on book cover. Also, Kell’s companion cat is exact 2 the cat in the book! No Horse yet!!!

Kell’s days begin & end w/reading & showing her books 2 Honey & the cat! 2 Mom, Daddy, Pop & the caregiver!!!!

We go no where w/o her 3 books in her “Tana tote bag!”

She reads her books 2 strangers in doctor waiting rooms.

The books introduce strangers emerging as friends which otherwise would only have ignored Kell because of her disabilities!

Kell’s books have become her “best friends.” Kell does not have best friends like U & I because she is “different” as society labels! Tana’s books have given Kell an inner confidence 2 venture beyond her “comfort zone” as she reads 2 Honey, the cat, 2 anyone anywhere we are!

Kell gifts many a book 2 her doctors, nurses, VBS teachers, strangers who become friends (she knows who needs a book from her–amazing insight).

Thank u Jesus 4 blending our path w/Tana Thompson, a remarkable gifted woman who has touched our lives & made a beautiful difference in Kell’s little world.

Thank u 4 giving us this treasured way of life–w/o your books, we would hav missed a beautiful golden experience that we never knew was hidden inside our Kell!


— Kelli, Bren & John