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The Story Behind the Story of WHY CATS ARE

Why Cats Are tells a story of social and emotional bullying of a young boy by his school classmates. Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person injury or discomfort. Bullying can take the form of physical contact, words, or other more inclusive forms. Bullying can be physical, mental, verbal, emotional, social, cyber, and subtle. The bullied individual typically has trouble defending himself or herself and frequently does nothing to “cause” the bullying. Outcomes from bullying can lead to suicide, self-inflicted wounds, lowered self-esteem, and other behavioral changes.

Bullies don’t care how others feel. Some people either lack empathy or just relish seeing others in pain. When they hurt someone, they have no sense of what the victims or the people around them are feeling.

Mike/Tilla (short for Attilla the Hun) was our cat, rescued from a shelter at 2 years of age–a beautiful (neutered) Maine Coon male. Tilla loved people, dogs, cats and kids of all ages. We miss him but not the hair he left behind!

Just as in the book, our cat would intensely stare at nature and other objects–like he was feeling its vibe and wanted to be taken to its leader. His staring made a HUGE impact on me–made me realize how little I really paid attention to the works of creation. Seeing a caterpillar (ground-based) turn into a flying machine–what a miracle!

And thus the story was born. If God can design a wormy thing to re-enter the world as a beautiful butterfly, He surely has the perfect design for any human person. No amount of bullying should be able to impact on anyone if they just believe that “God Don’t Make Junk!” Each person has worth and wonder built in.

Kendall Neff Publishing tied the Why Cats Are story to a much needed campaign to reduce the unwanted pet population through charitable giving to spay/neuter programs. It is estimated that “on an average day in the US, 10,000 babies are born, and 70,000 puppies and kittens are born.” It is estimated that in 7 years, “one female unspayed dog and her offspring can produce over 4,000 puppies, and in 9 years, one female unspayed cat, her unneutered mate and all their offspring can produce over 11,606,077 kittens.

It’s really simple. Most of those animals will be unloved, hungry, and homeless. We must be more responsible in caring for our animal population. Seek out resources in your area that carry out spay/neuter programs for unwanted animal control. We must take better care of God’s creation.